Thursday, October 17, 2013

Heavy Mech sketch, SK T1 Faker fan art sketch

I really missed having a space where I can upload WIP/sketch things, so here we go!
Special thanks for this talented artist for convincing me to start a sketch blog.

A mech sketch I'm working on. I'm thinking about a heavy, you-shall-not-pass kind of heavy weapons guy who moves slowly and shots hard. much vulnerable from the back, because only his small guns can cover his back. I have two styles going on with this mech at the moment so I need to work on unifying it.

This is a sketch of SK T1 Faker fan art.
Faker is a mid player in SK T1 League of Legends team from Korea. LoL 2013 Championship First place went to SK T1 team, I was cheering for them at the Staples Center and Galen Center! He is mostly known for Le Blanc, Zed, and Ahri. So I meshed up three champions into one. :D
(he played Gragas for the final match and he did a great job, but it'd be difficult to add Gragas into this theme!)
I have been SK T1 fan for a while and I really enjoy watching their games. I hope to finish this one in a splash art style.

It feels good to be back to blogging!